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Unformatted text preview: yed when they do try to respond to a message immediately, and before they have a chance to hit send, the other person has already sent them another text. To further probe the potential hassles of having cell phones, the survey asked teens to respond to the following item: "It is a lot of trouble to keep my cell phone with me all the time." Just 26% of cell -owning 12 -17 year -olds agreed with that statement. Again, boys and younger users were the most likely to agree: 32% of boys backed the assertion vs. 21% of girls; 33% of those ages 12 and 13 agreed vs. 23% of those ages 14 -17. The largest cohort of those who said it was trouble to keep their phone with them all the time were 12 - and 13 year -old boys: 42% of them agreed with the statement. Connectivity can beat back boredom for two -thirds of teen cell owners. In the survey, we asked teens about using their phones as a source of entertainment. Some 69% of teen cell owners agreed with the statement: "When I am bored, I use my cell phone to entertain myself." This is especially true of girls. Some 77% of them say cell Pew Internet & are goodLife Project killers, compared with 61% of boys. phones American boredom Teens...
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