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Teens-and-Mobile-Phones (1)

L 94 of cell users ages 12 17 agree that cell phones

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Unformatted text preview: of cell users ages 12 -17 agree that cell phones give them more freedom because they can reach their parents no matter where they are. l 84% of 12 -17 year -old cell owners agree that they like the fact that their phone makes it easy to change plans quickly, compared with 75% of their parents who agree with that sentiment. l 48% of cell -owning teens get irritated when a call or a text message interrupts what they are doing , compared with 38% of the cell -owning parents. l 69% of cell -owning teens say their phone helps them entertain themselves when they are bored. l 54% of text -using teens have received spam or other unwanted texts. l 26% have been bullied or harassed through text messages and phone calls . Cell phones are not just about calling or texting – with expanding functionality, phones have become multimedia recording devices and pocket sized internet connected computers . Among teen cell phone owners: Teens who have multi -purpose phones are avid users of those extra features. The most popular...
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