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L i ve got a friend who doesn t have texting so

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Unformatted text preview: and my outbox together, ah, they probably get like full at like 150. So I ’ll probably delete the whole thing, because I can delete everything together. I can probably do that like twice or three times a day, and it still has some left over from the night, so I just start going over it in the morning. So, I ’ll probably text like 200 to 300 a day. It ’s mostly my mom, because she likes to text me all day, even though she ’s not supposed to. In addition to the frequency of texting, some parents are also advanced in their use of texting lingo. One teen girl noted "Well, my mom, she knows all text languages. She confuses me, like I ’ve never heard that before." Other research has shown that while some parents are active texters, this is more the exception than the rule. 38 In some cases, the people with whom the teens wish to communicate do not have a texting subscription. When another person does not have a texting subscription, it is expensive for them to receive and send messages. This...
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