3 the casket will remain closed at all times the

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Unformatted text preview: ground in death (3). The rules generally agreed upon include: 1. In keeping with Jewish tradition which teaches the equality of all men, and that therefore there should be no distinction at time of death between rich and poor, there will be one uniform casket used for all funerals. This casket will be draped with a cover of the congregation. 2. In keeping with the above tradition, no flowers will be permitted at funerals. Instead, friends and relatives will be encouraged to contribute to the charities of their congregations and other worthy causes. 3. The casket will remain closed at all times. The living should be helped to remember the departed as they were in life, not with the image of death. (3) These things are all the complete opposite of how society views death and funerals. Coffins for instance are thousands of...
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