The shomer is supposed to stay up all night and

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Unformatted text preview: es place near the head while some Psalms are recited. (1) The body is considered a sacred vessel that deserves respect. With that in mind, there is “shomer (watcher)” (2) that stays with the body at all times, usually a family member or close friend, though one can be procured from a rabbi. The shomer is supposed to stay up all night and recite Psalms thought the vigil. (2) The burial should be done as soon a possible. Because the body is considered important it is frowned upon to have the body go through an autopsy or embalming and certainly not cremation (1) though in some circumstances an autopsy can be tolerated. In keeping with traditions that were set in place and recorded in the Talmund Jewish funerals are simple affairs, to keep rich and poor people on even...
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