ECS 15 Lab #8, Excel Charts and Pivot Tables

Please save the files with their default names which

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Unformatted text preview: close Excel. Please save the files with their default names which are listed below. For Charts I, Practice 1, please do NOT delete the chart in Exercise 6. For Charts II, Practice 1, Exercise 4, I found that the tip was wrong. To change the font of the months, you must change each month separately by right clicking, then selecting Format Data Labels, and finally setting the size to 16. However, in Exercise 5, the tip did work as described. For Pivot Table I, Practice 1, do not do Exercise 5 in which you delete all of your work! Tutorial Charts I: How to create a chart. Charts II: Choose the right chart type. Chart III: Create a professional looking chart Pivot Table I: What’s so great about PivotTable reports? Practice Session Practice 1 Practice 2 Practice 1 Practice 2 Practice 1 Practice 2 Practice 1 File name Create a basic chart 1.xls Tell the wizard what you want1.xls Choose a chart type1.xls Get more information in your charts1.xls Make your chart more effective1.xls Customize chart information1.xls Create a PivotTable report1.xls Excel 2007 Go to which has the Excel 2007 courses. The four tutorials you will be doing are: Charts I: How to create a chart in Excel 2007, PivotTable I: Get started with PivotTable reports in Excel 2007, PivotTable II: Filter PivotTable report data in Excel 2007, and PivotTable III: Calculate data in PivotTable reports in Excel 2007. There are five practice sessions in the fo...
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