20 pts rl name rth 2 k 8 k ix 4 k voc 6v 2ix rl

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Unformatted text preview: (20 pts) RL Name: RTh 2 k 8 k IX 4 k Voc 6V 2IX + - + - RL Find the Thevenin equivalent for the circuit shown using the load as indicated. Then determine the load resistance that would result in the maximum power delivered to the load and the power that would be absorbed in the load. Voc = RL = RT h = Maximum power in load = Page 6 of 7 12341156789ABCDAE86FDCADB DB9C66E9 CD61 #.6 .66 9B9CD96B/96BD96A,BEB6G6-,C6B/96ADCADB6/,06198,06-,C6B6H612 5E.66G686!2266 51.66G686!226 5A.66G6866 5.66G68656 59.66G6866 .6 9B9CD96B/96ACC9B6B/C,/6B/96DAB,C6EB6BD96B6861@2 5E.6"226 51.6!26 5A.6216 5.626 59.6226 +E9676,-612 12341156789ABCDAE86FDCADB DB9C66E9 CD61 6#,C6B/96ADCADB6/,06198,0%6-D6B/96-ABD,6;<5B.6-,C6B6H612 +E96116,-612 VU T 4896MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM 12341156789ABCDAE86FDCADB DE8 CD61 %)669B9C*D96B,96D0AB'C6ACC9B6D%3B)6('C6E886BD*96B6D6B,D6F6ADCADB2 &E96196'(612 12341156789ABCDAE86FDCADB DE8 CD61 )6F'D09C6B,96F6ADCADB6-98'526 6 )69B9C*D96B,96E.9CE96'59C6098D.9C906-66B,96ACC9B6'CA92 3E)6&64632567 3-)6&6462367 3A)6&6463267 30)6&646167 39)6&64632367 )69B9C*D96B,96E.9C...
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