A 4 v b 10 v c 14 v d 20 v e 24 v ii what is the loop

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Unformatted text preview: ii) What is the loop current IB ? a) -4 mA b) -3 mA c) -1 mA d) 1 mA e) 3 mA (iv) What is the power in the dependent source? a) -16 mW b) -8 mW c) -4 mW d) 8 mW e) 32 mW Page 5 of 8 12341156789ABCDAE86FDCADB !) DE8 CD61 2)69B9C*D96B,96'BB6.'8BE96+16('C6B,96ADCADB6E-'.92 3E)66+16646136+ 3-)66+1664616+ 3A)66+166466+ 30)66+1664636+ 39)66+1664656+ )6FE8A8EB96B,96'59C6D6B,9609909B6ACC9B6'CA96EAA'C0D6B'6B,96ED.96D6A'.9BD'2 3E)66&'59C64616*7 3-)66&'59C646616*7 3A)66&'59C646126*7 30)66&'59C646156*7 39)66&'59C6466*7 &E96A6'(612 12341156789ABCDAE86FDCADB DE8 CD61 $)6H9638FAC4345B2BC1234534657896A5BA5A48176B'6(D06E886B,C996'096.'8BE96+/6+/6E06+F26B,96EB6B,96 -'BB'*6'(6B,96E9/65CDB96B,968''69CEBD'6990906B'6'8.96('C6B,96*9,6ACC9B2 ,EC9066*6'CA946AAAAAAAAAAAA"66?6AAAAAAAAAAAAA"6?6AAAAAAAAAAAAA"646AAAAAAAAAAAAAA 9C*9,63"@")46 AAAAAAAAAAAA"66?6AAAAAAAAAAAAA"6?6AAAAAAAAAAAAA"646AAAAAAAAAAAAAA "68''4 AAAAAAAAAAAA"66?6AAAAAAAAAAAAA"6?6AAAAAAAAAAAAA"646AAAAAAAAAAAAAA &E96156'(612 059:008 Electrical Ci...
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