A 4 ma b 6 ma c 667 ma d 15 ma e 20 ma ii if i3 10

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Unformatted text preview: d) 15 mA e) 20 mA (ii) If I3 = 10 mA as before and IS and IT are both positive, which of the following is true? a) IS supplies power and IT absorbs power b) IS absorbs power and IT supplies power c) Both IS and IT supply power d) Both IS and IT absorb power e) There is not enough information to determine R4 (24 k) R1 (6 k) Req R7 (6 k) R6 (12 k) R3 (18 k) R2 (12 k) R5 (12 k) (iii) Circle ALL that are true for the circuit shown: a) R1 and R2 are in series b) R2 and R4 are in parallel c) R2 and R5 are in parallel d) R3 and R5 are in series e) R4 and R6 are in series (iv) The equivalent resistance Req for the network is a) 2 k b) 9 k c) 15 k d) 18 k e) 20 k Page 4 of 8 059:008 Electrical Circuits Spring 2012 Exam I 5. (12 pts) Name: 2IX VA 16 V IX 4 k + IB IA VB 4 k VC IC 8 k 4 mA (i) For the loops and dependent source shown, which of the following is true? a) IB = Ix b) IB = Ix - 4 mA c) IB = -Ix d) IB = 3Ix e) IB = -3Ix (iii) Given that VC = 8 V, what is VB based on nodal analysis? a) 4 V b) 10 V c) 14 V d) 20 V e) 24 V (...
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