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Unformatted text preview: and plants (mul.cellular) Red algae Marine Photosynthe.c chlorophyll a, phycoerythrin Green algae chlorophyll a, b (like land plants) uni- or mul.cellular Colonial- e.g. Volvox (freshwater) spheres of flagellated cells Sea leguce (marine) Stramenopiles (have unequal flagella) Diatoms silica in cell walls- upper and lower like a petri dish Aqua.c- fresh and salt Photosynthe.c-storage products oils Diatomaceous earth-filtra.on Brown algae can be mul.cellular Sea palms, giant kelp Photosynthe.c chlorophyll a, c, + brown pigments Source of emulsifiers of ice cream 5 1/27/14 endosymbiosis Green algae, land plants: chloroplast (cp) from cyanobacterium endosymbiont Enclosed by 2 membranes: one from cyanobacterium, one from host cell Brown algae, diatoms, dinoflagellates: 4 membranes inner 2 membranes from algal chloroplast next out from cell membrane of red alga outermost from host Euglenids: cp from green algal endosymbiont Cp derived from red algae endosymbiont: Serial endosymbiosis: more than 2 membranes around cp Alveolates Sacs under cell membrane, single-celled Paramecium- Ciliate Body covered with cilia- mo.lity Fresh water sex: equal exchange of nuclei Dinoflagellates Red .des Plasmodium- Apicomplexans parasite causing malaria Life cycle in mosquitoes, human blood Has nonfunc.onal chloroplasts Excavates Unicellular, oXen lacking mitochondria, named surface groove Giardia- a diplomonad has 2 flagella lacks mitochondria freshwater- parasite causing giardiasis Euglena- a euglenid photosynthe.c if in the dark, eats! anterior flagellum Trypanosome- a kinetoplas.d Parasite causing sleeping sickness wikipedia 6...
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