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Alternaon of generaons spores sporopollenin apical

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Unformatted text preview: oskeleton Amnio*c egg, scales Tracheal system Gills (lungs) Terrestrial Insects vertebrates Plant diversity Land plants Land plant rela*ves All green plants Chlorophyll a and b Starch – storage molecule Cellulose – cell wall material Only in land plants •  Alterna*on of genera*ons •  Spores, sporopollenin •  Apical meristems •  Plasmodesmata 2 1/28/14 Land plants Advantageous Innova*ons •  Vascular *ssue –  Cells specialized for transport of fluids allowed increase in stature •  Leaves –  Specialized organ for photosynthesis •  Roots –  uptake of water, minerals •  Seeds –  Next genera*on dispersed with food, dormancy •  Flowers –  Pollinators enable wide crossing, increases diversity Alterna*on of Genera*ons •  All land plants have separate, mul*cellular bodies that perform either fer*liza*on or meiosis •  Sporophyte: produces cells that undergo meiosis –  Products of meiosis called spores •  Gametophyte: produces gametes –  Develops from spores •  Alterna*on of genera*ons varies between vascular, nonvascular plants 3 1/28/14 Nonvascular plants •  Mosses •  liverworts •  hornworts Nonvascular plants •  Dominant gametophyte •  Sporophyte in this group is ephemeral –  Only briefly green (photosynthe*c)...
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