L5-plant diversity handouts

Two groups gymnosperms angiosperms owering plants

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Unformatted text preview: scular plant phylogeny Lycophytes “Club mosses” (not a moss!) Microphylls Dichotomous branching Spores produced in sporangia in strobilus (no seeds) •  Uncommon now •  Primary parent material for coal! •  •  •  •  Ferns and Fern Allies none of these produce seeds either •  Horsetail –  Unbranched stem, small leaves in whorls •  Whisk ferns –  No leaves, no roots, dichotomous branching •  Ferns –  Most diverse –  Have true leaves, roots –  Both gametophyte and sporophyte are green 6 1/28/14 Fern life cycle •  Seeds: Seed plants –  protect, nourish embryo –  Allow survival through unfavorable condi*ons •  Most successful: > 90% of biomass –  Many spec...
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