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Plants have other primive characteriscs first vascular

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Unformatted text preview: –  Dependent on gametophyte for nutri*on •  Small, live in moist environments •  Even the gametophye has a simple body –  Few cell types, most are photosynthe*c –  Only a few cells thick –  Lacks seeds –  Lacks leaves, stems, roots –  Lacks vascular *ssue Moss life cycle Dominant gametophyte 4 1/28/14 Vascular plants •  Tracheids conduct water over long distances –  Allows great size –  Structural support against gravity •  •  •  •  Dominant sporophyte Most have true roots Some reproduce using seeds Seedless vascular plants have other primi*ve characteris*cs First Vascular Plants •  Stem only •  No leaves, no roots –  Rhizoids hold in place –  “rhizome” underground stem •  Stem branches at *p –  equal split –  “dichotomous” •  Reproduce by producing spores in sporangia No leaves?! •  Stems are photosynthe*c •  2 origins of leaves –  Flaeened, sterile sporangia microphylls –  Fusions of side branchesmegaphylls (true leaves) 5 1/28/14 Va...
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