5 million the unsold 15 million worth of corn flakes

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Unformatted text preview: . Answer:B   3 ForQuestions10 ­11:Thefigurebelowshowstwodemand ­for ­hamburgerandtwosupply ­of ­ hamburgercurves.   Price  S2 S1 B C F    A D2 D1 Quantity  10. Whichofthefollowingmovementsshowstheeffectsofapublishedresearchclaimingthat eatinghamburgerisunhealthy? a. amovementfromPointBtoPointA b. amovementfromPointBtoPointC c. amovementfromPointFtoPointC d. amovementfromPointCtoPointB Answer:B  11. Whichofthefollowingmovementsshowstheeffectsofahighercostofproductionforboth hamburgerbunsandgroundbeef,andtypicalconsumers’incomedecreaseandtheyview hamburgersinferiorgood? a. amovementfromPointBtoPointA b. amovementfromPointFtoPointC c. amovementfromPointCtoPointF  d. amovementfromPointAtoPointB  Answer:D...
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