Answerc 20 with no inflation a bank would be willing

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Unformatted text preview: edbytherestaurantis includedinbothRomanianGDPandU.S.GNP. iii. Thevalueofthegoodsandservicesproducedbytherestaurantis includedinU.S.GDPbutnotinRomanianGNP.  a. Only(i)iscorrect. b. Only(ii)iscorrect. c. Both(i)and(ii)arecorrect. d. All(i),(ii)and(iii)arecorrect.  Answer:C 16. Most,butnotall,athleticapparelsoldintheUnitedStatesisimportedfromothernations.If thepriceofathleticapparelincreases,theGDPpriceindexwill a. i ncreaselessthanwillthe CPI .  b. increasemorethanwilltheCPI. c. notincrease,buttheCPIwillincrease. d. increase,buttheCPIwillnotincrease. Answer:A  5 17. Duringthethirdquarterof2006,afirmproducesconsumergoodsandaddssomeof thosegoodstoitsinventory.Duringthefourthquarterof2006,thefirmsellsthegoodsat aretailoutlet,withtheresultthatthevalueof...
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