English Language Policy in the US

yes no should english la ngua ge be force d to the

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Unformatted text preview: s No Should English la ngua ge be force d to the non-na tive spe a ke rs the n? * Yes No Do you support bilingua l e duca tion in the US? * Fully s upport Indifferent No s upport (Forc ing them to learn in Englis h only ) Submit Powered by Google Doc s Repor t A bus e - Ter ms of Ser v ic e - A dditional Ter ms ht t ps : / / doc s . google. c om / s preads heet / v iewf orm ?f orm k ey =dH hhbE9MW Ex Xak lU Z m Vf a3pY Z D R 1elE6MQ… 1/ 1...
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