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Unformatted text preview: ences? Hint: Use the population proportions given in Question 1 to help you answer. Describe the distribution of differences !! − !! in terms of shape and symmetry. © 2011 THE CARNEGIE FOUNDATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF TEACHING A PATHWAY THROUGH STATISTICS, VERSION 1.6, STATWAY™  ­ STUDENT HANDOUT STATWAY STUDENT HANDOUT | 4 Lesson 9.1.2 Using Technology to Explore the Sampling Distribution of the Differences in Two Proportions C Recall the formula for the standard error of !! − !! from the previous lesson: !"#$%#&% !""#" = !! 1 − !! !! 1 − !!  +  !! !! D Using the values for p1 and p2 given in Question 1, determine the standard error. Standard error: Based on the distribution of differences (!! − !! ), and on the standard error and the mean of differences (!! − !! ), is a difference of !! − !! = 0 unusual? E We can use the normal distribution to determine the probability that we would observe a difference in sample proportions of 0 or less. Using the mean and standard error of the differences in sample proportions, you can determine the Z ­score for a difference of 0. Recall that the formula for Z ­score is: != statistic − parameter = stan...
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