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The population proportion for the first year was

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Unformatted text preview: was also simulated, with sample proportions computed again. These two collections of sample proportions are plotted together on the following dotplot. The population proportion for the first year was assumed to be 0.65 and for the second year was assumed to be 0.55. These are the actual proportions from the two surveys. Concern About Global Warming C omputer S imulated P roportions for Tw o C onsecutiv e Y ears Initial Y ear 0. 80 0. 75 0. 70 0. 65 0. 60 0. 55 0. 50 0. 45 0. 40 F ollow ing Y ear P r opor tions P roportions of people w ho consider global w arming to be a serious threat. S ample sizes: initial y ear n = 47, follow ing y ear n = 63. E ach sy mbol represents up to 2 observ ations. 1 Gallup, Inc. (2011). In U.S., concerns about global warming stable at lower levels. Retrieved from www.gallup.com/poll/146606/concerns ­global ­warming ­stable ­lower ­levels.aspx. © 2011 THE CARNEGIE FOUNDATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF TEACHING A PATHWAY THROUGH STATISTICS, VERSION 1.6, STATWAY™  ­ STUDENT HANDOUT STATWAY STUDENT HANDOUT | 2 Lesson 9.1.2 Using Technology to Exp...
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