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3 are the criteria for the approximate normality of

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Unformatted text preview: Span of Batteries A company provides portable walkie ­talkie radios to construction crews. Their batteries last, on average, 55 hours. The purchasing manager receives a brochure advertising a new brand of batteries with a lower price, but suspects that the average battery life for this new battery is shorter than the brand they currently use. He wants to perform statistical test at the 1% level of significance to determine if the cheaper batteries have a shorter average lifespan. Step 1: Determine the Hypotheses 1 Give the null and alternative hypotheses for this test. 2 Is this a left ­tailed, right ­tailed, or two ­tailed test? Step 2: Collect the Data To test this, the manager installs 40 randomly selected batteries of the new brand in the same walkie ­talkie radios. He finds that the mean lifetime for the sample is 52...
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