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Unformatted text preview: soda. When this occurs, the machine will require an adjustment. The machine needs adjustment if the mean amount of soda dispensed is different than 600 ml. The owner of a dispensing machine believes her machine has lost precision. She measures the amount of soda dispensed at 8 random times throughout the day. The amounts are listed below. 600.15, 599.92, 599.85, 599.92, 599.81, 600.14, 600.04, 599.98 At 5% level of significance, is there sufficient evidence to conclude that this machine needs an adjustment? Research has indicated that the amounts of soda dispensed from the machine are approximately normal in their distribution. Step 1: Determine the Hypotheses 1 State the null and alternative hypotheses. Answer: !! :! = 600, !! : ! ≠ 600. 2 Is this a left ­tailed, right ­tailed, or two ­tailed test? Answer: Two tailed test. Step 2: Collect the Data 3...
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