Assume the commute times at your college are normally

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Unformatted text preview: 2.98 2.95 2.92 … © 2011 THE CARNEGIE FOUNDATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF TEACHING A PATHWAY THROUGH STATISTICS, VERSION 1.6, STATWAY™  ­ STUDENT HANDOUT STATWAY™ STUDENT HANDOUT | 4 Lesson 10.2.2 Confidence Intervals for a Population Mean TRY THESE How long did it take to get here? What is the average commute time for students at your college? This may not seem very important, but for the administration and staff who schedule classes and plan activities, travel time is an important factor. Using data from your small group, compute a 95% confidence interval for the mean commute time of all students. Assume the commute times at your college are normally distributed – note that this assumption allows us to work with sample sizes less than 30. 1 List the commute times in your sample (in minutes). 2 Determine the sample mean, sample standard deviation, and sample size of your sample. 3 Determine the critical value Tc that corresponds to the 95% level of confidence. 4...
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