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Unformatted text preview: 6, STATWAY™  ­ STUDENT HANDOUT STATWAY™ STUDENT HANDOUT | 4 Lesson 10.1.1 Sampling Distributions of Sample Means TRY THESE – PART 2 You will now continue your investigation of the sampling distribution of sample means, but this time you will use real data collected by a group of students in Austin, Texas. Students in Austin collected and measured the mass of acorns from live oak trees. Botanists use acorn weight as a factor in predicting future oak tree germination in a region. A decline in the growth of new oak trees could have a severe impact on the ecosystem in this part of the country because many birds and small mammals eat acorns. Collecting a Sample 1 Start by randomly selecting nine acorns from the Acorn Mass Table. Use a table of random digits or a random number generator to select the nine acorns. Write down the mass for...
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