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Unformatted text preview: To investigate, they identify the prices of 6 identical items at Stores A and B. Since prices change over time, they gather all data on a single day. At the 5% level of significance, is there enough evidence to conclude that a mean difference exists between the prices of grocery items in the two stores? Assume the population of price differences is normally distributed. All prices are in dollars. Product Eggs Cheese Napkins Bread Juice Milk Store A 2.59 3.29 3.59 2.99 3.49 2.89 Store B 2.99 3.79 3.99 3.19 3.99 2.69 Step 1: Determine the Hypotheses 1 Are the data paired? Explain. 2 State the null and alternative hypotheses. Assume that we find differences Store B price minus Store A price....
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