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Approaches to studying personality factors associated

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Unformatted text preview: mportant for characterizing the self. ✤ Self- concept – everything you know about yourself The Self ✤ William James & George Herbert Mead differentiated b/n the “I” self & the “me” self ✤ The “I” self ✤ thinks, experiences, & acts in the world ✤ the self as knower ✤ self- awareness ✤ The “Me” self is the knowledge we hold about ourselves ✤ the self that is known ✤ objectified self The Self ✤ Self- awareness – The sense of self as an object of attention ✤ Self- awareness leads people to act in accordance with their values & beliefs (Duval & Wicklund, 1972) ✤ Self- discrepancy theory (Higgins, 1987) ✤ When there are differences b/n our values or beliefs & our behavior or goals, we experience strong emotions The Self ✤ What is the relationship b/n self- awareness & transgressive behavior? ✤ On Halloween, 18 houses randomly assigned to place a mirror behind a bowl of candy or not ✤ Trick- or- treaters (n = 363) were instructed to take only 1 piece of candy ✤ When there was a mirror, trick- or- treaters took one piece of candy. When there was no mirror, trick- or treaters took a lot more pieces. (Beaman et al., 1979) The Self ✤ How do self- concepts develop? ✤ Reflected appraisals & the looking glass self ✤ the emergence of the self is dependent on social experiences ✤ things that have been said about us accumulate into a consensus called the “generalized other” (Cooley,1902; Mead, 1934) The Self ✤ Self- schema - cognitive structure that helps us to perceive, organize, interpret, & use information about the self ✤ 2 examples: ✤ Cocktail party effect – Self- relevant information focuses attention (Cherry, 1953). ✤ Self- reference effect – Self- relevant information is more easily recalled (Rogers et al., 1977) The Self ✤ Self- esteem – The evaluative aspect of the self- concept ✤ We develop a sense of who we are from our observation & interpretation of the responses we receive from others ✤ Reflected appraisal ✤ 2 theories for the development of self- esteem ✤ Sociometer Theory ✤ Terror Management Theory The...
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