This logic can be implemented using xor gates the

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Unformatted text preview: out3, out4 & out5) shown in the above circuit are implemented using the XOR gate in the dotted box, i.e. in terms of inverters, 2 input AND gates and 3 input OR gates. Solution 5 Use as few 3-input NOR gates as possible to design a bubble detector circuit for 8-bit thermometer code. An nbit thermometer code represents an integer m, with m 1's followed by (n-m) 0's. 1-bit bubble is an error in coding when a solitary 0 (or 1) is found in between two 1's (or 0's). What is the size of your circuit in terms of the number of NOR gates used. What is the throughput of your circuit if a 3-input NOR gate has worst case propagation delay of 1ns...
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