The outputs logx should be in fixed point format with

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Unformatted text preview: outputs, LOGX should be in fixed-point format with 6 fractional bits. Implement the LOGARITHM circuit using the following alternatives: a. One 32 x 12 ROM b. As few 16 x 6 ROM's as possible You may assume that ROM chips have a chip select (CS) input that enables it. You can also use a few additional inverters. Show all work. ( ) Since the value of the highest number at the output is less than one, only 6 fractional bits are considered at the output. The input is considered to be "A" and the output is considered to be "F". Using a 32x12 ROM Using 16x6 ROM's It should be noted that the 16x6 ROM's used have a chip select line which is internally connected to the control line of tri-state buffers whose outputs are the 6 outputs of the ROM. This way we can short the respective outputs of both the ROM's. If the outputs of the ROM's are not tri-stated then an additional 6 bit wide 2:1 MUX would have to be used where the select line of the MUX would be A4....
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