This is illustrated by the diagram in figure 24

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Unformatted text preview: r process. This is illustrated by the diagram in Figure 2.4. Interrupt/ fault User Monitor Set user mode Figure 2.4 The dual- mode operation of the CPU b) I/O Protection A user process may disrupt the normal operation of the system by issuing illegal I/O instructions, by accessing memory locations within the operating system itself, or by 5 refusing to relinquish the CPU. We can use various mechanisms to ensure that such disruptions cannot take place in the system. To prevent users from performing illegal I/O, we define all I/O instructions to be privileged instructions. Thus users cannot issue I/O instructions directly; they must do it through the operating system. For I/O protection to be complete, we must be sure that a user program can never gain control of the computer in monitor mode. If it could, I/O protection could be compromised. Consider a computer executing in user mode. It will switch to monitor mode whenever an interrupt or trap occurs, jumping to the address determined from the interrupt from the interrupt vector. If a user program, as part of its execution, stores a new address in the interrupt vector, this new address could overwrite the previous address with an address in the user program. Then, when a corresponding trap or interrupt occurred, the hardware would switch to monitor mode and transfer control through the modified interrupt vector table to a user program, causing it to gain control of the computer in monitor mode. Hence we need all I/O instructions and instructions for changing the contents of the system space in memory to be protected. A user process could request a privileged operation by executing a system call such as read (for reading a file). 6...
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