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Unformatted text preview: the following information can be gained from determining the primary structure of an enzymatically active protein? (A) The amino acids in the active site can be positively identified. (B) The molecular weight of the protein can be accurately established. (C) The temperature at which thermal inactivation will occur can be accurately established. (D) An estimate of Km can be calculated. (E) An estimate of Vmax can be calculated. 16. Increased calcium influx across the membranes of presynaptic neurons has which of the following effects on synaptic transmission? (A) Increased release of neurotransmitter (B) Increase in voltage-dependent potassium efflux (C) Decreased release of neurotransmitter (D) Decrease in voltage-dependent potassium efflux (E) Closure of the acetylcholine-gated channel GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE. Unauthorized copying or reuse of any part of this page is illegal. 16 19. Which of the following best explains how the activity of an enzyme is regulated by an allosteric inhibitor? (A) Direct competition between the binding of the inhibitor and the binding of a substrate to the active site (B) Induction of a conformational change in the enzyme by the inhibitor, which affects enzyme activity (C) Irreversible binding of the inhibitor to the enzyme, which affects enzyme activity (D) Inhibition of the transcription of the gene encoding the enzyme by the inhibitor (E) Denaturation of the protein induced by binding of the inhibitor 20. A species of plant is discovered in which individual plants produce either white or purple flowers. True breeding plants that have short stems with white flowers are crossed with true breeding plants that have tall stems and purple flowers. The resulting offspring all have tall stems with purple flowers. When one of these tall, purple-flowered offspring is crossed with a short, white-flowered plant, plants with the following characteristics were obtained in equal proportions. White flowers on tall stems Purple flowers on tall stems White flowers on short stems Purple flowers on short stems 18. During meiosis, homologous chromosomes pair up along their lengths. The most plausible explanation for the karyotype structure shown above is that (A) portions of non-homologous chromosomes have been translocated (B) one of the two homologous chromosomes has suffered a deletion (C) one of the two homologous chromosomes has undergone an inversion (D) the homologous chromosomes have each suffered a gene duplication (E) one of a pair of homologous chromosomes has been lost via nondisjunction Given the information above, which of the following is most likely true? (A) The white-flower allele and the tall-stem allele occur at the same locus. (B) The genes for flower color and stem length are closely linked. (C) Extensive crossing-over between the purple-flower allele and the white-flower allele has occurred. (D) The genes for flower color and stem length are not linked. (E) Independent assortment does not occur in this species of plant. 17. The tubu...
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