First delay in june 2005 delivery slips by 6 months

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Unformatted text preview: anuary 18, 2005 ◆ Maiden flight April 27, 2005 ◆ Commercial flights scheduled to begin in 2006 after 15 months of testing ◆ A380 was plagued by a series of delays – First delay in June 2005: delivery slips by 6 months – Second delay in June 2006: another 6 ­7 months » announcement caused a 26% drop in the share price » led to the departure of top management – Third delay announced in October 2006 – Final delays 19 ­24 months – Airbus suffered huge losses as a result Example: Boeing 787 the Dreamliner ◆ Hub ­and ­spoke or point ­to ­point networks? ◆ Aircraft size vs. speed? ◆ B787: 210 ­330 seats ◆ Cutting fuel by 20% ◆ Half the structural weight from composite materials instead of conventional aluminum ◆ B787 was too plagued by a series of delays – Unveiled on...
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