5101055540 marks 9 solve the following bvps using

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Unformatted text preview: ubmit) to check if the accuracy increases. (5+10+10+5+5+5=40 Marks) 9. Solve the following BVP’s using finite difference method with h = 1/3: (10+10=20 Marks) a. ( ) b. ( ) 10. Consider the heated plate shown below. The temperatures at the edges are as mentioned. Calculate the nodal temperatures (square grid) usinga. Dirichlet Boundary Condition (when the temperatures at the boundaries are fixed) (10 Marks) b. Neumann Boundary Condition (when the lower edge is insulated while other edge temperatures kept unchanged) (10 Marks) 800C T13 600C T23 T33 T12 T22 T32 T11 T21 T31 00C 300C...
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