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Unformatted text preview: vel ground on a still day. One windy day, he runs 12 miles with the wind, and in the same amount of time runs 4 miles against the wind. What is the rate of the wind? 31) If y varies directly as x, find the direct variation equation for the situation. 32) y = 0.8 when x = 0.2 32) 3 Solve. 33) The amount of gas that a helicopter uses is directly proportional to the number of hours spent flying. The helicopter flies for 2 hours and uses 10 gallons of fuel. Find the number of gallons of fuel that the helicopter uses to fly for 6 hours. If y varies inversely as x, find the inverse variation equation for the situation. 1 34) y = when x = 21 7 33) 34) Solve. 35) If the force acting on an object stays the same, then the acceleration of the object is inversely proportional to its mass. If an object with a mass of 14 kilograms accelerates at a rate of 8 meters per second per second by a force, find the rate of acceleration of an object with a mass of 2 kilograms that is pulled by the same force. 35) Write an equation to describe the variation. Use k for the constant of proportionality. 36) q varies jointly as the square of...
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