Efficient use of energy 2 efficient use of resources

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Unformatted text preview: ural systems materials Environmental impacts of materials should be evaluated over entire life of each one Impacts are evaluated in terms of energy use pollution waste architect: Frank Lloyd Wright life-cycle analysis: Extraction Production Use Disposal 7 waste reduction Promote reduced use of all resources during construction and the continued life of the building in terms of 1. Land 2. Energy 3. Materials Afterlife of buildings? architect: Renzo Piano energy efficiency Design and construction should reduce and conserve energy Buildings use 48% of annual US energy! 1.  Energy consumed in production material production building construction architect: Miller-Hull Partnership 2.  Energy consumed in use heating cooling lighting cooking, etc. site + land use Site design should: 1.Encourage rather than limit biodiversity 2. Preserve natural systems 3. Limit erosion, water consumption and pollution architect: Behnisch + Behnisch 4. Conserve energy through passive design 8 what it means to be green Sustainability should be considered for specific regions and at multiple scales Critical factors differ with geography Sustainability involves no absolutes Designers must use judgment and seek a balanced approach Sustainability is a constantly evolving body of knowledge Requires continuing education to stay current architect: Norman Foster 9 10...
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