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1 please refer to the building index on the reverse

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Unformatted text preview: fer to the building index on the reverse side of this map, if the room number is unknown. 2 An interactive map of MIT can be found at http://whereis.mit.edu/. Parking = public parking (pay lots) = MIT permit parking 3 3 4 4 March 2006 A B C D E F conceptual beginnings Site plan and building design explored porosity Site plan set up 1. view corridors 2. pocket parks Building designs explored strategies for opening up 25% of the massing to make the life of 350 students more social 1 folded street to sponge hybrid translating sponge to space 2 sponge hybrid scheme 3 gridded wall concept gridded wall concept 290 mulberry 4 “perfcon” construction system (nordenson) “perfcon” “perfcon” All panels cast in the same bed; the reinforcement varies with location in building (color coded) 5 “perfcon” Concrete panels are structural and loadbearing 6 Site cast concrete was left intentionally “crude” for contrast with perfcon panels aluminum cladding aluminum cladding 7 aluminum cladding spatial dynamics 8 9...
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