Course content and organization in the rst segment of

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Unformatted text preview: exterior cladding types. COURSE CONTENT and ORGANIZATION In the first segment of the course, we’ll expand discussions of project documentation begun in ARCH 241 by focusing on schematic design and design development, those phases of documentation located between design drawings and construction drawings. The role of the CSI format and building codes will also be discussed in this section of the course. Having discussed the principles and materials of construction in ARCH 241, the second segment of ARCH 242 will focus on how materials are combined in construction systems or methods of construction. We’ll examine fundamental building technologies such as foundations, bearing walls (in wood, concrete and masonry), structural frames (in wood, concrete and steel) and cladding systems (floors, walls and roofs). These systems will be further expanded by discussing their use in several carefully selected case studies. Activities are held each Tuesday and Thursday from either 1:10-3:00 pm or 4...
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