Lecture 1 Notes

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Unformatted text preview: f class. COURSE DESCRIPTION This four-unit course is a continuation of ARCH 241, namely the history, concepts and methods associated with the use and application of construction systems, processes and materials. ARCH 242 is required for all architecture students; the prerequisite is ARCH 241 and the co-requisite is ARCH 252. The format of this course is two lectures and two activity classes per week. This syllabus covers the lecture component of the course. The Practice side of the curriculum provides students the opportunity to focus on technical issues necessary for the understanding of quantitative and qualitative aspects of architecture. It’s important to realize that we isolate these certain aspects of architecture only for purposes of study and that Practice courses don’t stand alone: to become relevant they must integrate with design studio. Additionally, this course should be viewed as a continuum of courses which precede and follow it: ARCH 241, 341, 342 and 443. Factual architectures state issues at a number of actual and conc...
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