Lectures are held each tuesday and thursday from 1210

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Unformatted text preview: . Lectures are held each Tuesday and Thursday from 12:10-1:00 pm in 06-124. Topics and readings for each lecture appear in the syllabus. Required readings are taken from the required text or provided on PolyLearn as pdfs. Reading assignments should be completed prior to each lecture for full comprehension. PolyLearn is also used to distribute the course syllabus, schedule and lecture outlines. Please familiarize yourself with PolyLearn and check it before each class for updates or changes to any aspect of the course. Any major changes or announcements for the course will be sent via email to your calpoly address so make sure to check it regularly. REQUIRED and OPTIONAL READING Required readings are assigned for each course topic. These are intended to complement the lectures and their comprehension is necessary to be successful in this course. Most can be found in the following required text which is available at El Corral and other bookstores: Performance in the lecture is based on the following: (2) 50-minute exams (each roughly 25% of lecture grade) on Thursday 31 January and Thursday 26 February. (...
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