Please refrain from disrupting the class by packing

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Unformatted text preview: arrive on time and be ready to start the class promptly at 12:10 pm. Please refrain from disrupting the class by packing up your belongings before the class is dismissed. Please turn off cell phones. Instead of being rude to me and those around you, kindly leave if you feel the need to sleep, read the paper or cruise facebook. Factual architectures attempt to consciously engage the prevalent perceptual modes of a society. They will not retreat from the newest techniques of representation, but neither will they substitute them for the basic elements of building. They will lay bare what may be borne, reveal what should be uncovered, expose what has lain unquestioned. MATERIALS COLLECTION A9. Historical Traditions and Global Culture: Understanding of parallel and divergent canons and traditions of architecture, landscape and urban design including examples of indigenous, vernacular, local, regional, national settings from the Eastern, Western, Northern, and Southern hemispheres in terms of their climatic, ecological,...
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