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Unformatted text preview: ment Time :15 2:00 :15 :15 1:00 :15 4:00 Interior Layout Building Layout 125 items Structural Layout 95 items Mechanical & Electrical Plan CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS & SERVICES Intro Time :15 MC Testing Time 2:00 100 items Scheduled Break :15 Intro Time :15 Graphic Testing Time 1:00 Building Section Exit Questionnaire :15 Scheduled Appointment Time 4:00 July 2012 ARE® 4.0 8 4 systems thinking Our projects have an interior and exterior; their reciprocal relationship determines the form of the building The distinction between interior and exterior is established by three systems: structural enclosure mechanical Combined, the building itself becomes an integrated system systems thinking Structural systems (241, 242, ARCE) columns beams loadbearing walls foundation Enclosure systems (241-2, 341-2) roof floor walls (doors, windows) Mechanical systems (207, 307) heating and cooling electrical (incl. lighting + communication) plumbing (sprinklers) conveyance 5 monolithic construction Historically, buildings were built...
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