The materials collection is located in the media

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Unformatted text preview: c and extrinsic qualities which are difficult to learn from a book or lecture. The Materials Collection is located in the Media Resource Center located in 05-101. Hours are 8:30-4:30). ACADEMIC DISHONESTY Cheating and plagiarism are serious violations of expected student behavior. Students found cheating or plagiarizing can be given an F in the course and referred to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities for disciplinary action. If you need clarification on university policies regarding cheating please visit html or call 756.2794. course description “A continuation of ARCH 241 with an emphasis on the fundamental aspects of construction systems and the basics of construction documentation” CSI Masterformat Building codes Construction Documentation Schematic design drawings Construction Systems Construction types Foundations Walls Frames Exterior and interior cladding Case studies 1 learning objectives Understand (+ execute) basic schematic design drawings Understand the CSI Masterformat Understand the general role of b...
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