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They present them as they are they confront users

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Unformatted text preview: eptual levels. They present them as they are, they confront users with them, they permit users to reflect on them. Factual architectures consist of palpable elements, of real matter, of actual connections, so as to state conditions, situations and ideas. STUDENT LEARNING OBJECTIVES Students will understand basic aspects of schematic design documentation (site and building plans, building sections, wall sections, elevations and details) as a means of architectural communication. Students will understand the CSI format used for the organization of drawings and specifications. Students will understand the general role of building codes and certain specific areas addressed by the International Building Code, namely building classification, construction types and egress systems. Students will apply their knowledge of the principles and materials of construction to the understanding of basic building technologies known as the methods of construction. Students will understand the basic aspects of foundations, bearing walls in concrete and masonry, light frame construction, structural frame construction in wood, concrete and steel and both interior and...
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