E bearing walls curtain walls frame construction etc

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Unformatted text preview: uilding codes (classification, constr’n types + egress) Understand construction types, i.e. bearing walls, curtain walls, frame construction, etc. Understand building systems such as foundations, floors, walls + roofs method + evaluation Lectures 50% of grade Readings in book or on PolyLearn (3) multiple choice exams (2) 50 min. midterms (1) 100 min. cumulative final (5?) pop quizzes Activities 50% of grade In-class assignments Course Conduct required reading 2 required reading optional readings TOPIC and READING SCHEDULE: ARCH 242: WINTER 2013 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICE 2.2 (Schedule and content may be refined over course of quarter) schedule Topic Required: [text] or PolyLearn Optional: BCI Optional: VDA csi.pdf, codes 1.pdf A10-13, A19-22, 1.24-25 88-91 WEEK 1 Jan 08 Course Introduction Jan 10 CSi; Building Codes 1 WEEK 2 Jan 15 Building Codes 2 codes 2.pdf 2.05-07 Jan 17 Schematic Drawings 1 understanding dwgs.pdf 1.10-11, 1.36-37 66-73 WEEK 3 Jan 22 No class (Monday schedule) Jan 24 Schematic Drawings 2 [82-7, 111-2, 151-5, 170-4] WEEK 4 Jan 29 Case Study 1: Walke...
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