Stats 250 W12 Sunday Mar 25 Exam 2 Review Solutions

Of the 14 residents 13areinfavortotheproposal mr young

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Unformatted text preview: 13 are in favor to the proposal. Mr. Young wishes to test the following hypotheses: H0: p = 0.70 vs. Ha: p > 0.70, where p is the proportion of all residents in the city who favor the proposal. Perform the test based on Mr. Young’s results using a 1% significance level. Report the value of the p‐value and circle your decision. (Show all work.) P(X ≥ 13) = P(X = 13) + P(X = 14) = . 13 1 14 0 = 14(0.7) (0.3) + 1(0.7) (0.3) = 0.0407+0.0068 = 0.0475 p‐value: ____ 0.0475_________ . Decision: . Fail to reject H0 . Reject H0 2. Psychology Study – In a study of the relationship between temperament and personality, a random sample of 70 female high school students who had a high level of reactivity (HRL) and an independent random sample of 80 female high school students who had a low level of reactivity (LRL) were o...
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