Stats 250 W12 Sunday Mar 25 Exam 2 Review Solutions


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Unformatted text preview: y that the sample mean age will differ from the true population mean age by more than 1 year? Show your work. Differing by more than 1 year less than 47 or more than 49 years; which corresponds to getting a Z value outside of the range of ‐2 to +2 By the empirical rule we would have about 5%; using table A.1 we have 0.0456. Final answer: __ 0.0456 or 0.05 __ c. What is the name of the result that allows you to answer part (b), even though you were not told whether the population of ages followed a normal distribution? Result Name: ______ Central Limit Theorem (or CLT) __________ 4. Step Forward – The Acculturation Rating Scale (ARS) measures the extent to which Mexican Americans have adapted to our culture with scores ranging from 0 to 50, higher scores imply better ability to adapt. During the summer of 2010, twent...
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