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Stats 250 W12 Sunday Mar 25 Exam 2 Review Solutions

The ars test was given to the children in early july

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Unformatted text preview: y Mexican American children (aged 10‐14) who have been in the U.S. for only a few years participated in a Department of Education training program in Alabama. The ARS test was given to the children in early July just before they began the program and then Subject July ARS Oct ARS Diff = Oct ‐ July given again in late October to assess whether the 1 20 21 1 program had increased their ability to adapt to U.S. 2 25 19 ‐6 culture. The Department of Education would like to test 3 19 23 4 this theory using a 5% level of significance. . . . A partial listing of the data is provided at the right along 20 22 29 7 with some numerical summaries. Mean 25.31 28.22 2.91 Standard 13.11 12.84 8.35 a. For this situation, specify the null and alternative Deviation hypotheses. H0: : __...
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