Stats 250 W12 Sunday Mar 25 Exam 2 Review Solutions

These students were then

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Unformatted text preview: btained. These students were then classified according to their attitude toward group pressure, recorded as resistant or submissive. Results are shown. Reactivity 1 = HRL 2 = LRL Attitude Resistant Submissive Total 21 49 70 40 40 80 The researcher would like to assess if these results indicate a difference in the likelihood of a resistant attitude for the two reactivity populations, namely, to test: H0: p1 = p2 versus Ha: p1 ≠ p2 a. If the null hypothesis is true, there is just one common population proportion. Give an estimate of that common population proportion. Show all your work. . b. Final answer: . _or 40.67%___ The resulting test statistic value is ‐2.49. Provide the corresponding p‐value. Show all work. p‐value: _0.0128 c. W...
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