Stats 250 W12 Sunday Mar 25 Exam 2 Review Questions-1

Provide the appropriate alternative

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Unformatted text preview: or the new hydride battery was longer than for the old cadmium type. The following SPSS output was provided. a. The hypotheses will be about 1 and 2. The null hypothesis is given below. Provide the appropriate alternative hypothesis and a complete definition for 1. H0: 1 = 2 Ha: _____________________________________ where 1 = ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 3 | P a g e Problem 5 Continued: b. The research assistant who was generating the SPSS output created the three Q‐Q plots: Plot 1 was a QQ plot of the observations for the Nickel batteries, Plot 2 was a QQ plot of the observations for the Cadmium batteries, and Plot 3 was a QQ plot of all batteries of each type. Which Q‐Q plot or plots would be used for checking the assumptions for this test? Clearly circle your answer. i. Plot 1 and Plot 2 ii. Plot 3 iii. All three Q‐Q Plots iv. None of them. The 45 talk‐time measurements are large enough to not need to check normality. c. The following output provides a p‐value = 0.700. Using appropriate symbols, write the hypotheses that this p‐value is used to test. H0: ________________________________ Ha: ________________________________ d. The researcher decided to use the pooled t‐test results. The df column is missing in the display in part (c). What are the df corresponding to the “equal variances assumed” t‐test? df = __________________ e. For the hypotheses in part (a), provide the appropriate test statistic value and corresponding p‐value. Test statistic value: ________________________ with p‐value: __________________________ f. Suppose the researcher provided the following conclusion. Unfortunately, it is not quite appropriate. Edit it as briefly as possible to make it a correct conclusion. The data do support that the average talk‐time for these 20 new hydride batteries 4 | P a g e is greater than the average talk‐time for these 25 cadmium batteries....
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