Stats 250 W12 Sunday Mar 25 Exam 2 Review Questions-1

The ars test was given to the children in early july

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Unformatted text preview: ars participated in a Department of Education training program in Alabama. The ARS test was given to the children in early July just before they began the program and then Subject July ARS Oct ARS Diff = Oct ‐ July given again in late October to assess whether the 1 20 21 1 program had increased their ability to adapt to U.S. 2 25 19 ‐6 culture. The Department of Education would like to test 3 19 23 4 this theory using a 5% level of significance. . . . A partial listing of the data is provided at the right along 20 22 29 7 with some numerical summaries. Mean 25.31 28.22 2.91 Standard 13.11 12.84 8.35 a. For this situation, specify the null and alternative Deviation hypotheses. H0: ___________________________ Ha: ______________________________ b. The observed test statistic value is 1.56 and the corresponding p‐value is 0.067. i. What distribution was used to compute the p‐value of 0.067? Be specific. Final answer: ____________________________ ii. Consider the following statement regarding this p‐value. If this study were repeated many times, we would see a t statistic as large or larger than 1.56 in about 6.7% of the repetitions. Insert what is missing in order for this statement to be correct. c. If the program really had no effect on average, what would have been the expected value of the test statistic? Final answer: _____________________________ 5. Nickel Batteries – Cell phones of a particular brand have used nickel‐cadmium batteries. A manufacturer has developed a new nickel‐metal hydride battery. In a study to compare the two batteries (1 = cadmium, 2 = hydride) as to “talking time” (number of minutes before recharging), independent random samples of batteries for each battery type were tested in hopes that the average talking time f...
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