Demographic remodeling everyday value suppliers after

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Unformatted text preview: “Everyday value” Suppliers - After consolidation, bought mass amounts from same suppliers -> buyers- higher power - Created own brands; became their own suppliers Customers - Little bargaining power of customer - Broad customer base; no single buyer influential enough - Already had everyday value Threat of new entrants - Self-made fashion lines - Developed national brand - Already had lower production costs Rivalry - Positioned in upper middle level segment - Fashion at lower price - Targeted interest group rather than demographic 1 Macy’s Case Notes Week 3 Jessica Gahtan Substitute products - Less conservative/traditional in clothing - - Targeted at the ‘fashionable’ Self-made fashion brands - Remodeling for more pleasant shopping experience - Lower prices Weaknesses Overcoming them Changes resisted Quality and service same at Macy’s; unique advantages of new Macy’s Some found new prices higher than stores Closed stores in unprofitable areas; opened in consolida...
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