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The wire with a through it figure iii23 n qubits

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Unformatted text preview: thms 35 135 Figure 1.20. Quantum circuit implementing the general Deutsch–Jozsa algorithm. The wire with a ‘/’ through it Figure III.23: n qubits, similar circuit for engineering notation. algorithm. [fig. from NC] represents a set of Quantum to the common Deutsch-Jozsa evenly weighted superposition of 0 and 1. Next, the function f is evaluated (by Bob) using : |x, y i ! |x, y f algorithm D.1.b UfDeutsch-Jozsa (x)i, giving f (x) X( | i |0i |1i ¶1. The Deutsch-Jozsa 2algorithm1)is axgeneralization of the Deutsch algop p . (1.48) | i= n 2 x rithm to n bits; they published2it in 1992; this is an improved version (Nielsen & Chuang, in which 59). Alice now has a set of qubits2010, p. the result of Bob’s function evaluation is stored in the amplitude of the qubit superposition state. She now interferes terms in the superposition using a Hadamard transform are given register. To determine the result of ¶2. The problem: Suppose we on the queryan unknown function f : 2n ! 2 the Hadamard transformunitary to...
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