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If one of the three in class exams is missed you will

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Unformatted text preview: ath.utk.edu) (http://www.math.utk.edu/~kbonee/141) Ayres 130 Office Hours: 10:30 12:30, MWF, or by appointment. Dear Student, The purpose of this Campus Syllabus is to provide you with important information that is common across courses at UT. Please observe the following policies and familiarize yourself with the university resources listed below. At UT, we are committed to providing you with a high quality learning experience. I wish you the best for a successful and productive semester. Provost Susan Martin UNIVERSITY CIVILITY STATEMENT Civility is genuine respect and regard for others: politeness, consideration, tact, good manners, graciousness, cordiality, affability, amiability and courteousness. Civility enhances academic freedom and integrity, and is a prerequisite to the free exchange of ideas and knowledge in the learning community. Our community consists of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and campus visitors. Community members affect each other's well-being and have a shared interest in creating and sustaining an environment where all community members and their points of view are valued and respected. Affirming the value of each member of...
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